How to travel

In general citizens of all the countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area just need a valid identity card to enter Italy. For all the other foreign nationals intending to visit Italy a valid passport is required.


Three are the main airports of Apulia. They are in Bari, Brindisi and Foggia. They are linked by frequent flights and in some cases even by low-cost flights to the most important airports of United Kingdom, Germany, France ,Spain, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Czech Republic, Romania, Albania and Turkey. National flights from Rome, Milan, Bologna, Verona, Venice and Turin could be the easiest way to reach Apulia.


Apulia is easy to reach from the most important Italian cities using the motorway network. Coming from the centre of Italy, you can reach Foggia, Bari and Taranto with the A14 motorway; coming from the south of Italy you have to go along the A3 motorway; coming from the north the A1 motorway brings to Naples, the city is then linked to Apulia through the A16 motorway. The region is also crossed from north to south by the national road SS16 (E55).
Please remember that the top speed limits are: 130 km/h on the motorways, 110 km/h on the suburban highways, 90 km/h on the suburban side streets and on the suburban local streets and 50 km/h in the city centres. Besides: drive on the right hand side of the road, switch the dipped headlights on out of the city centre and do not forget that driver and the passengers must always use the seat belt.


The train is definitely a good mean of transport to get here. The national railroad transport service is managed by Ferrovie dello Stato which allows you to reach many cities of the region. Follow the link to see timetables of the trains or buy tickets online: